human running on a dog treadmill

Can Humans Use Dog Treadmills?

Dog treadmills is quite a topic. Interesting fact, some of the dog treadmills for large dogs can technically to be used by humans. For example, this dogPacer review says that treadmill can cater dogs weighing 1 to 180 pounds! Basically, the average humans weight. So, can humans use dog treadmills? Not really. There are three major […]

chihuahua feeling cold In winter

Do Dogs Need Warm Clothes the Winter?

Winter’s chill is making its quality known in numerous territories, and as we burrow to the back of our storage rooms and coat racks for parkas and occasional outerwear, we wonder — do mutts need covers in the winter, as well? Canine couture is prevalent, so whether your pooch wanders in a sweater, hoodie or […]