joint discomfort Junies life and Annie’s antics Toy fox terrier.

joint discomfort POSS MISSED BREATHING TREATMENTS OR A LUPUS FLARE (i’m behind on getting these videos out)

Due to Lupus I was told in 2014 I need a double lung transplant.

I have Lupus, COPD and possible tick borne infections, Lymes disease highest possibility. I spent a month in hospital covering christmas 2012 and new years 2013 with a week in ICU. We don’t know how much time I have left, the fact one breathing event could be my last breath complicates the ‘how long’. Annies my toy fox terrier saved my life alerting Pappy I was in desperate need of help, I’ve never heard a puppy dog scream and bark like she did. Annie will be 2 november 1st 2013. Though she watches me like a hawk she’s now become Nanny to a pair of abandoned kittens. We are not sure of their age, they still have replacement milk twice a day and now eat mush, they now have all their baby teeth and started growing their grown up whiskers, not yet a quarter inch long. They love Nanny Annie and at times try to suckle on her, to her surprise.


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